Oberlo Alternatives: Top 3 Alternative Apps for AliExpress

Oberlo is a convenient app, but it’s not perfect. It doesn’t auto-fulfill orders, for example. Additionally, Oberlo doesn’t let you use your own AliExpress affiliate code to get rewards. Here are 3 other apps to check out.

AliExpress UniteXpress Dropship

4.4 stars with 116 reviews

There are 2 plans:

  1. Free, which gives you:

    1. Easily import products from AliExpress using their Chrome browser plugin

    2. Complete control over product details, like title, description, images, etc.

    3. Bulk product pricing if you’re importing many products

    4. Set pricing rules to make importing products easier

    5. Image editor to spiff up your product images

    6. Automatic fulfillment of orders

    7. Order tracking

  2. Pro, for $39.95 a month which adds:

    1. Rewards

    2. Importing reviews from AliExpress to your store

There is no free trial period because there’s a free plan.

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4.8 stars with 127 reviews

There are 2 plans:

  1. Basic, which for $14.95, gives you

    1. Easy product importing

    2. Unlimited products to import

    3. Set pricing rules to make importing products easier

    4. Fully edit the product details

  2. Premium, which for $24.95, adds:

    1. Semi-automatic order fulfillment

There is a 1-day free trial period, which is pretty weak.

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AliExpress Dropshipping

4.5 stars with 481 reviews

There are 4 plans:

  1. Basic, for $5.

    1. Import up to 5,000 products

    2. Unlimited Orders

    3. Chrome browser extension to make importing orders easy

    4. Semi-automated order fulfillment.

    5. Pricing rules to make importing products faster

  2. Standard, for $10. Import up to 10,000 products.

  3. Professional, for $20. Import up to 20,000 products.

  4. Enterprise, for $40. Import up to 40,000 products.

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Which is the best Oberlo Alternative?

If you don’t want to use the Oberlo app for drop shipping with AliExpress, give AliExpress UniteXpress Dropship a try. It’s got two main benefits over all the other apps:

  1. Automatic order fulfillment

  2. Affiliate rewards

This app will help make your life easier and make you more money at the same time.

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