5 Best Apps for Dropshipping with Oberlo and Shopify

Dropshipping with Oberlo and Shopify presents some challenges compared to warehousing your inventory yourself. In return for no upfront cost and a wide variety of products to choose from, your customers will have long shipping times.

  1. Build social proof with reviews

An important thing to making sure your store feels trustworthy as a new dropshipping store is product reviews. This is difficult, especially if you’re just starting out. Just like Amazon, most of the products you can import into your store from Aliexpress with Oberlo have reviews which you can take advantage of. There are several apps that will help you import Aliexpress product reviews into your store. There are a few apps which do this, Areviews has the highest rating with 4.8 stars from 74 reviews, and it’s free. We recommend importing between 3 and 5 reviews per product as too many reviews will look suspicious. And we don’t recommend making up your own reviews.

2. Take care of the legal details

You can’t control where in the world your customers are and you’ll likely get some from Europe, which has a number of legal implications. The EU passed an important internet privacy law called GDPR, which means you have certain requirements to protect your customer’s data. A free app like Easy GDPR bar gives you a free and easy way to make your store GDPR compliant. Think of it like insurance, hopefully you’ll never need it, but you’ll be happy to have it when you do.

3. Help people find your store

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), is a way to help get people to your site. Sure, you can spend money on Facebook and Instagram ads and work with influencers, but getting the SEO for your store right is a big step that you can take for free. You can manually go through all of your product descriptions, images, and meta fields yourself, or use an app with a free plan, like SEO Images All-in-one SEO, which makes it easier and faster.

4. Remind people how awesome your products are

People are busy, and your customers are no different. Lots of people will shop around and add products to their cart, then just ghost on you. A free app like Scout, notices when this happens and reminds your customer about the products they were interested in. You can set up rules about when and how Scout should contact these shoppers and what it should say.

5. Keep an eye on your shipments

Dropshipping from other countries typically means long shipping times and an increased risk of packages getting delayed or going missing. Our data shows that shipping from countries from China and Japan to the US can take up to 25 days and that 10% of packages have problems.

Without a solution like ShopClerk Order Tracking, you won’t know about it until your customers contact you to complain. You’ve likely lost that customer at that point, as getting them a replacement will take equally as long. Shopify doesn’t give you a way to easily see your shipments, like you can with your orders. ShopClerk Order Tracking provides an easy to use, informative dashboard so you can instantly know about any problems and fix the issue before your customer even knows about it., ShopClerk offers a 14-day free trial, then a flat monthly fee of $10, no matter how many packages you ship.