Welcome to ShopClerk!

Kevin and Todd are passionate about helping small and not so small ecommerce companies grow and thrive. Whether you’re just starting out or well established, we’ll be able to help you run more smoothly, provide better customer service, and make more money.

The rise of both physical retail giants and their growth online can make it difficult for smaller retailers. We believe there’s a place for you, whether you have a retail location or only an ecommerce operation.

We’re seeing an increasing shift of consumer spending from in-store to online, which is why we’re initially building tools for the Shopify platform.

We believe that smaller companies can be better at understanding their customers and giving them what they want or need. Online shopping is a roughly $500 billion industry and roughly 35% of that is made of small, small-in-comparison to Amazon & Walmart, and independent stores.

The diversity of online stores is as important to a healthy economy as a nice mix of local stores in your town. Just like you don’t want every store to be Target, CVS, and your regional grocery chain, you don’t want those to be the only online options either. Small businesses (those under 500 employees, as defined by the government), account for 99.7% of US companies, 48.5% of all jobs, and 60% of new jobs.

Todd’s work in corporate call centers and seeing how large corporations put profits over people has led him to co-found ShopClerk to help keep the small businesses economy strong. His time at Zipcar cemented the importance of a mission-based company that wants to help society.

ShopClerk Package Tracking is our initial product which gives you a complete understanding of your shipping logistics and the information to provide proactive customer service in case there’s a problem.

Additionally, we’re seeing consumers increasingly using voice assistants to search for and buy things. This is only going to increase as voice assistants become used more regularly and they get better. Right now, only Amazon, Google, and their major partners are benefitting from that. And you could build an Alexa skill or Google Assistant action to do that today, which is a long and expensive process. ShopClerk will provide a quick and easy way for you to get voice. But that’s coming later.

In the meantime, we’d love to learn about you and your business, the challenges you have, and how we can help!

Thank you.

Kevin & Todd